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well my iron levels and thyroid have come back as normal, so I am totally still clueless about why this fatigue has hit me.

I actually think it is a tiny bit better, or maybe I’m just getting used to it?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about things, and to be honest, the last few weeks, although I have still been exercising, the level has gone down, so I am at the moment just doing the bare minimum to stay as I am.  No gains, no losses.  Which of course is fine, I don’t want to be a bodybuilder or a fitness model (haha they would laugh me out of the office….)

But maybe that might have something to do with how I am feeling.

So for a full week, starting yesterday, I am going to do a workout every single day, no less than twenty minutes, and with a good deal of intensity and effort, plus I am going to shake up my diet again, because I have  been eating this way for such a long time now, I’ve sort of maybe got a bit lazy, and had a few silly things here and there without counting them.  Only little things, but maybe they are affecting my energy levels, when coupled with less exercise, and see if it has any effect.

If I feel better, then that’s my answer, I am just going to have to workout like a freak for the rest of my life lol, which doesn’t make me nervous at all!! (I am now holding up Leanord’s sarcasm sign ;) ), and if I feel just the same, or worse, I am going back to a different doctor for more tests.

I mean god, surely there are more conditions etc that come out as tiredness!

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