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This is very similar to something a keen cyclist friend told me about four years ago, when I first started cycling to work. I was still overweight and incredibly unfit at that point. I looked at him with my sweaty, red face, feeling like I was going to have a heart attack, and asked “when does it get any easier??” He just smiled and told me “it never gets easier….you just go further, and get faster”.
Now of course that is not strictly true, it DOES get a little easier. After a while I was cycling up the scary-ass hill non stop, standing up on the pedals, on a medium gear, whereas before I had to stop at least three times and taking about a fortnight to get to the top, in the lowest possible gear, sometimes walking, because I simply could not do it. But when it starts getting easier, thats when you PUSH HARD to go further and faster! Never ALLOW it to get easy!

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